Thu, Jul 11 2013 at 07:00 PM at Wargaming West

A SciPy recap: Tracking history and provenance with Sumatra
(5 Minutes)
By: Sheila Miguez

This lightning talk recaps a [talk on Sumatra]( from the reproducible science track at SciPy2013.
Asynchronous I/O in Python 3
(45 Minutes)
By: Feihong Hsu

I'm going to talk about PEP 3156 and go over basic usage of the reference implementation, codenamed Tulip.
ipython / notebook demo
(20 Minutes)
By: Jason Wirth

ipython was a big focus of Scipy, Fernando gave a keynote, Brian gave a talk, and there was a tutorial. ipython appeals to a broad audience from beginners to advanced users. IDLE is awful and I basically learned Python using iPython. Presenter will touch on the powerful features and extensibility for advanced users.
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Thu, Jun 13 2013 at 07:00 PM at Open Software Integrators

Ultimate Language Shootout IV: Haskell or: How a List Comprehension Is Like a Burrito
(5 Minutes)
By: Greg Kettler

It's a compiled, statically typed, lazy, purely functional programming language. About as far as possible from Python? Not quite. The languages have a lot in common and Python has already borrowed a few tricks from Haskell.
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: C# is slightly better than you might imagine
(5 Minutes)
By: Philip Doctor

If you find yourself accidentally writing c#, you can still have some fun.
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: CoffeeScript
(5 Minutes)
By: Feihong Hsu

A brief introduction to CoffeeScript.
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: Go: come drink the delicious kool-aid
(5 Minutes)
By: David Sutton

From the makers of the wildly successful Plan 9 operating system and B programming language. Go is google's stab at a systems programming.
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: QUASI
(5 Minutes)
By: Randy Baxley

1977 - A language, the description of which was handed to me on about one hundred and fifty mimeographed eight and one half by eleven sheets. Robert Sibley handed it to the class to use as our compiler project.
Ultimate Language Shootout IV: Ruby
(5 Minutes)
By: Ross Heflin

Ruby, what you need to know
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Thu, May 09 2013 at 07:00 PM at DevMynd

In-project virtualenvs
(15 Minutes)
By: Christopher Webber

apprenticeship model
(5 Minutes)
By: JP Bader

Pythonic protégés.
Hy: A Lisp that transforms itself into the ython AST.
(90 Minutes)
By: Christopher Webber

Who saved The Onion, from being hacked by "Syrian Electronic Army"
(5 Minutes)
By: Sean Bloomfield

Well, this isn't at all Python related (or even all that technical), but at The Onion, we recently had a little run-in with the "hackers" from the "Syrian Electronic Army", and could talk about some lessons learned from that, if there's any interest.
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Thu, Apr 11 2013 at 07:00 PM at Threadless

Concurrency in Python and other Languages
(25 Minutes)
By: Daniel Griffin

- 1 minute pitch about OpDemand and what we do. - Processing HTTP requests with Twisted. - Dealing with blocking code in Twisted (couchdb-python and pika). - Doing long running work with Celery from Twisted. - Communicating between web workers with ZMQ. - Writing code that can be concurrent.
SXSW Interactive 2013
(15 Minutes)
By: Adam Forsyth

- Themes - Keynotes - Chicago Tech @ SXSW - Other Highlights - Q&A
Threadless Loves Python
By: Mike Steder

In the last year the Threadless engineering department has almost completely changed from PHP and MySQL to Python and MongoDB. I would like to do a brief overview of how we use Python today which will cover our replatformed website, our API, and our internal message queuing system.
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Thu, Mar 21 2013 at 07:00 PM at The Onion

Python Deployments at The Onion (and elsewhere)
(30 Minutes)
By: Chris Sinchok

Chris will cover various Python deployment strategies and technologies, ranging from the naïve (git pull) to the more robust (fabric, capistrano) to the "Enterprise" (Python native package deployments, etc). In order to illustrate these different strategies and technologies, he will take examples from my past projects, and the constantly-evolving Onion deploy process.
Using PyJnius to talk to Android devices
(30 Minutes)
By: Matt Dorn

Overview of a library that facilitates communication with Android devices via Python -- depending on interest, could include an overview of other Python/Java libraries and/or other ways to use Python with Android.
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