With the demand for Python developers higher than ever before, it can be challenging to find the right talent for your organization. With our active community of thousands of Chicago’s best Python developers, ChiPy can help you find your next team member.

Hire from our community of high-quality, Chicago-based Python talent for your organization. Job posts are FREE for an existing or new ChiPy sponsor . If you aren't a sponsor, a job post requires a $50 donation per eligible job post. Jobs will be posted to our job board for 60 days and once per week to our #jobs channel in Slack.

Eligible Job Requirements:

  • Position must not move candidates out of the Chicago-land area. Working remote or commuting is acceptable. Any position requiring relocation out of the Chicago-land area is outside the scope of ChiPy’s mission.

  • All postings must be for paid positions (including internships).

  • Positions may only be posted once per 60 day period.

  • Job posting copy is subject to our code of conduct.


  • ChiPy reserves the right to reject any job posting.

  • Positions will be posted on the job board for no more than 60 days.

  • Invoices may be generated on request, typically within 3 business days. 

For questions concerning our referral program, please contact "".

Note: For those who agreed to our previous referral program terms, we ask that you please honor any prior commitment. The terms above are effective for new postings as of 2/18/2021.