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Meetings happen in the downtown area the second Thursday of every month.

When: July 11, 2019, 6 p.m.

Where: Strata Decision

200 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601


Please check in with the security table, located in the North Lower Lobby, with your valid Driver's Licence or State ID. After check-in, please proceed to the Upper North Lobby for the 50th Floor elevator bank.

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Registration for this event will close on Thursday July 11 at 12:00 p.m.

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This Month's Topics

  • Lowering the Stakes of Failure with Pre-mortems and Post-mortems
    By: Elizabeth Sander
    Experience Level: Novice
    Failure can be scary. There are real costs to a company and its users when software crashes, models are inaccurate, or when systems go down. The emotional stakes feel high-- no one wants to be responsible for a failure. We can lower the stakes by creating spaces to learn from failures, and minimize their impact. This talk introduces two ways to address failure: blameless post-mortems, to learn from an incident; and pre-mortems, to identify modes of failure upfront.
  • Web Scraping for Fun and Profit (Profit not Included)
    By: Matt Inwood
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    Not all data is easily accessible. Taking info from a website that requires authentication, interaction, or even just to load a fancy script. This talk will discuss using Selenium to level up your web scraping skills, with examples and suggested practices.
  • Limit the Guesswork in Fantasy Baseball by Using Python for Data Analysis
    By: Nicholas Marey
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    Daily fantasy sports has become a booming industry. One leader in the space is Fanduel who after raising $275 million in their series E funding, brought their valuation to over $1 billion. As the popularity of daily fantasy sports has taken off, critics have argued that success is the result of luck; yet the consistent success of a select group of players would suggest that success can be driven by skill. This talk, will go over how one could use Python to level the playing field.

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