Board Members

  • Aaron Elmquist - SECRETARY
  • Cemile Biyiktay - CHAIR
  • Chris Luedtke
  • Heather White
  • Joe Jasinski - TREASURER
  • Kevin Nasto
  • Ross Heflin

Chipy Organizers

Mail/Web Links

Aaron Elmquist
I like cars, coffee, and code

Adam Forsyth

Aly Sivji

Benjamin Xia-Reinert
Full stack web developer who loves running and cooking while listening to podcasts.

Cemile Biyiktay
Python hobbyist and UX/UI Web Designer who loves video games, crafting, and Japan.

Chris Luedtke

Emily Xia-Reinert
Web developer, ChiPy mentee, ex-finance person. Talk to me about books!

Heather White
Python developer interested in databases, brewing beer, and interactive art

James Jeffryes
Python is my first love, Golang is my day job

Joe Jasinski

Kevin Nasto
Kevin likes running in the winter, watching kung fu, and soylent

Patrick Boland
Pusher of strollers, walker of Chicago, slinger of tasty home cooking.

Phil Robare

Ray Berg
Wonky governance person who loves mentorship and using Python for good.

Ross Heflin
Programmer, Cyclist, Lover of Ferrets, and Geek

Sand Ip

Sophan Mien
Python web developer with a love of movies, art, and writing.

Zach Lipp
Middling trivia team member and overactive tweeter

Zax Rosenberg


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