We have a Slack community for text chat where you can talk with others about interests, ask questions, and more!

Ask a member of our community at any of our meetings and they will help you get on Slack!

To join, we ask that you come to an in-person meeting and ask for a referral from anyone at the meeting. Organizers will identify themselves in each meeting and will always be happy to add you to our Slack community!

Alternatively, if you already know someone who is part of our community, reach out to them directly and they can request an invite from slack.

Be sure to read our Code of Conduct for information on what kind of behavior is expected on Slack and at all of our meetings.


Why not sign up on the website?

We previously had a Slack signup on the website but open invites made it difficult to tell who was a natural referral and who was spamming our systems for more accounts. For now we're growing with in-person known referrals.