Thu, Jan 12 2017 at 06:00 PM at DeskLabs

Mentorship Program Finals

The largest ever cadre of ChiPy Mentorship participants meet to present their findings after 13 weeks of study with their mentors. You'll see demos and discussion for entry level projects, web development projects and data science experiments gone mad with the power of Python. Each presenter gets five minutes to tell the story of their journey and what they produced. Plus amazing prizes and announcements on how to apply for the spring term.
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Thu, Dec 08 2016 at 06:00 PM at LaSalle Network

Smuggling Snakes in a Box: A Docker + Python Love Story
(30 Minutes)
By: Hector Rios
Experience Level: Novice

Do you yearn? Have you ever tried to volunteer at a project but had an extremely difficult time trying to get everyone the right development environment? Do you ever work with a project that works in your computer but not in a server? Do you have a different dependency versions? (btw, that's kinda bad practice but don't fret, we gotchu) Yearn no more! With Docker, these things can be a thing of the past. Join in a brief, live coding session that will show you how to build a simple Bottle app and put it into a Docker container.
Using pyodbc to execute SQL queries
(20 Minutes)
By: Anish Krishnan

How to access a database using pyodbc, and how to execute basic queries through Python.
Python in the Classroom and at Sea
(15 Minutes)
By: Thane Richard

I was Ray's mentee during the summer of 2016. My project lets a player of Minecraft Pi 3D print an object they have built in the game. I will co-present this project with Peg Keiner, the Technology Director at GEMS World Academy in Chicago where my program was used in their elementary school classroom this Fall. I will also share some neat projects from my stint this Fall as a High School Marine Science teacher aboard the schooner Roseway during Ocean Classroom ( I introduced students to Python and had them design and code a sensor kit with Raspberry Pi's to measure an aspect of the sailboat. The code is viewable on my github profile:
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Thu, Nov 10 2016 at 06:00 PM at Coding Dojo

Migrating django application data
(25 Minutes)
By: Eevel Weezel

Discussion of common problems migrating Django application databases, particularly when switching DBMS.
Introducing Python in an after school setting
(15 Minutes)
By: Kenneth Wade
Slides Link
I've lead a couple once-a-week, 10-week apprenticeships that allow 5th-8th grade students to explore the basics of Python through an interactive shell at their elementary school. The students primarily use lab computers, but they are also exposed to general command-line concepts through the use of several customized Linux laptops. In this talk I will discuss my goals for the students, the concepts that I introduce, how I interact with the students, some of the challenges that arise (for myself and the students), and some tips that may be helpful to other volunteers.
Module the Month: Turtle
(10 Minutes)
By: Chris Foresman

In keeping with the education theme, I thought I would give a talk on the Turtle module in Python, which is more or less a clone of Logo.
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Thu, Oct 13 2016 at 06:00 PM at Sully's House

Ultimate Langauge Shootout
(60 Minutes)

Multiple Langauge competition: * JavaScript - Divya * Clojure - Cezar Jenkins * SQL - Heather White * Babbage's Analytical Engine programming cards - Phil Robare * R - Parfait * Assembly (AVR) - Nick Timkovich * Groovy - Jerry Dumblauskas * Swift - Matt Green * Julia - Andrew Webster
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Thu, Sep 08 2016 at 06:00 PM at Telnyx

Popular ORM Libraries
(30 Minutes)
By: Tanya Schlusser
Slides Link
What's the main difference between SQLAlchemy and Django's ORM? When might a person prefer Pony ORM or peewee? -- popular Object-Relational Mapping libraries in Python are compared and contrasted.
Using Tasks in Asyncio Web Apps
(40 Minutes)
By: Feihong Hsu
Slides Link
In this talk, I will be talking about starting, stopping, and displaying incremental data from long-running tasks in an asyncio-based web application.
Developing with Python at Telnyx
(10 Minutes)
By: Alex Puglis

This talk will cover the development cycle, build tools, and python frameworks commonly used by Telnyx Python engineers.
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