ChiPy November 2022 __main__ Meeting

Join us for our November __main__ Meeting! Thank you to Foxtrot for hosting us and for Elastic for sponsoring food! See you all there.

When: Nov. 10, 2022, 6:30 p.m.

Where: Foxtrot

167 N Green Street, Suite 1100


This event is no longer accepting registrations.

Current Attendance:
In Person Pythonistas: 35
Virtual Pythonistas: 6


  • Building Machine Learning Apps with Gradio
    By: Freddy Boulton
    Experience Level: Novice
    Length: 25 Minutes

    The best way to share machine learning models is through interactive web applications that let stakeholders try the models for themselves. By playing with the model through a graphical interface, stakeholders can develop an intuition for how the model works in a way that would be impossible by analyzing average performance metrics or hand-picked examples.

    Building web applications for machine learning requires significant knowledge of web development (css, js) and web hosting which are not in the typical data scientist's tool box. 

    In this talk, we will introduce a gradio, an open source python library for building and sharing machine learning applications entirely in python. 

  • Micropython wiggles a mustache
    By: Andrew Wingate
    Experience Level: Novice
    Length: 20 Minutes

    Show off a micropython framework for my mini mustached robot. It's the same robot the I showed the last time, but now it has code and works!


    Topics include:
    event loop


    state machines

    synchronous event management

    web hosted interface with repl like repl thing

  • Micropython turns on a light
    By: Carl Karsten
    Experience Level: Novice
    Length: 30 Minutes



    Last time I talked about Micropython I didn't show any code. 

    This time I have code:

    >>> from machine import Pin
    >>> p=Pin("D13", Pin.OUT)
    >>> p.value(1)

    That turns on an LED.  We will talk about what that means, how it happens and the implications of this is the software that makes electronics happen.

    There are a few more lines of the same nature: check the state of a switch gives is the I in IO.  For extra credit, we will ...