Thu, Jul 15 2021 at 06:00 PM at Remote Project Night (

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Thu, Jul 08 2021 at 06:00 PM at Remote Meeting

Bootstrapping your Local Python Environment
(30 Minutes)
By: Calvin Hendryx-Parker
Experience Level: Novice
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You cracked open your brand new Mac or Linux dream machine and low and behold, it has Python out-of-the-box and ready to roll… Or so you think? Maybe you want to get started doing Python development on Windows and see that you can grab Python easily from the Microsoft Store. Should you? Let’s talk about getting started with the end in mind and making sure your development computer doesn’t become the next superfund site We’ll quickly go through a tour of the various options such as pyenv, venv, virtualenv, conda and Docker as great ways to make sure you can develop in a sane environment.
Managing the Test Data Nightmare
(30 Minutes)
By: Andrew Knight
Experience Level: Intermediate

Test data for automated tests can be a nightmare to manage. Data must be prepped in advance, loaded before testing, and cleaned up afterwards. Sometimes, teams don't have much control over the data in their systems under test—it's just dropped in, and it can change arbitrarily. Hard-coding values into tests that reference system tests can make the tests brittle, especially when running tests in different environments. In this talk, I'll teach strategies for managing each type of test data: test case variations, test control inputs, config metadata, and product state. We will cover how to "discover" test data instead of hard-coding it, how to pass inputs into automation (including secrets like passwords), and how to manage data in the system. After this talk, you will wake up from the nightmare and handle test data cleanly and efficiently like a pro!

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Thu, Jul 01 2021 at 06:00 PM at Remote Meeting (Gather Town)

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Thu, Jun 17 2021 at 06:00 PM at Remote Meeting (Gather Town)

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2021-06-10 18:00:00 location TBD

Anvil: Full Stack Web with Nothing but Python
(45 Minutes)
By: Meredydd Luff
Experience Level: Intermediate

Building a modern web app requires so much: HTML, CSS, JS, Python, SQL, React, Bootstrap, Webpack, Django... What if we could build a better abstraction?

In this talk, I'll introduce Anvil, a full-stack Python environment where everything is a Python object, from your UI components to your database rows. I'll walk you through how and why we constructed this new approach to the web.

We'll start with a question: Why is web programming hard? It's because your data takes so many forms: database rows, Python objects, JSON on REST, JS objects, HTML DOM, and finally pixels. Most of a web developer's job is translating between these awkwardly different representations. Frameworks like Django help, but now you have a stack of leaky abstractions: web frameworks, ORMs, JS frameworks, CSS frameworks, build tools... These frameworks help you go faster, but they double the amount you need to know!

So I'll show our stab at an answer: A framework where everything is a Python object, requests to the server are function calls, and Python is a browser-side language. I'll talk about running Python in the browser. I'll talk about full-stack autocompletion. There will even be live coding. 

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