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Getting up to speed with Dask
(45 Minutes)
By: Aaron Richter
Experience Level: Intermediate

Dask is a parallel computing library for Python people. This talk will be a gentle introduction to Dask, showing how you can improve the speed of data science code on your laptop with a simple "pip install". Then we will use the same code to process big data on a cluster of machines. We will be going through an end-to-end data science pipeline, from ETL and exploratory analysis to machine learning model training and scoring.

We will cover:
- Example using publicly available data and single-node Python
- Pandas for data cleaning/transformation
- Scikit-learn for machine learning
- How to parallelize this workflow on a laptop and then a cluster using Dask
- Distributed model training
- Distributed inference/scoring

Dangers of the Python Standard Library
(15 Minutes)
By: Andrew Scott
Experience Level: Novice
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As a developer, you are the first line when it comes to security for any products you may be building. There is often a misconception that all software security vulnerabilities are due to misconfigurations, using unmaintained open source libraries, using "insecure" languages, or by making dumb mistakes like hard-coding passwords. In actuality, it can be very easy to make potentially extreme security mistakes even only using built-in functions and libraries bundled with the latest version of Python. This talk will cover a number of these potential security mistakes that can be all too easy to make.

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Thu, Mar 11 2021 at 06:00 PM at Remote Meeting

DevOps for developers (or maybe against them?!)
(60 Minutes)
By: Baruch Sadogursky
Experience Level: Novice

"DevOps" is the operations people’s crafty plan to make developers do other people's work, but we are smart enough to see right through this naive rebranding trick! Baruch suggests you think about it: we, the developers, have written all the code. It passes all the tests; it obviously works, and works well (Are we a little proud? We are!); so we are DONE. Now, out of the blue, a bunch of "thought leaders" (all with an operations background, mind you!) are trying to tell us that we have to learn YAML, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform to deploy our software because suddenly it is our concern?! In this talk, we'll discuss why developers do or don’t need DevOps. We'll consider arguments made by DevOps visionaries and see whether they hold water. Hopefully, by the end of the talk, we'll understand whether DevOps really helps developers to deploy better code to production more often, or if it is just another scam made up by marketing and evangelists.

Adding structure to a sea of chaos: a principled approach to authorization using Python + SQLAlchemy
(25 Minutes)
By: Sam Scott
Experience Level: Intermediate

Authorization is an unstructured problem. Writing code to decide who can do what in your app can cover a broad set of cases. The most structure that typically gets applied to this problem area is a set of if statements and roles, but in reality, there are a lot more patterns and structure that we can apply. oso is an open source system for building authorization into applications. It's a bit like SQLAlchemy in that it provides a structured approached to authorization, much like SQLAlchemy does for data modeling and access. In this talk, oso cofounder/CTO, Sam Scott, will provide a mental model for authorization and show how to apply it using oso, Python and SQLAlchemy.


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