Thu, May 05 2022 at 06:00 PM at Foxtrot

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Thu, Apr 14 2022 at 06:00 PM at Remote Meeting

Xpresso: an extensible and composable ASGI framework
(30 Minutes)
By: Adrian Garcia Badaracco
Experience Level: Intermediate
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Xpresso is an extensible and composable ASGI web framework, inspired by FastAPI.

It improves on FastAPI by decoupling the dependency injection from the request/response paradigm and decoupling the framework from Pydantic, using PEP 593 annotations. This enables many nice features, like a more flexible dependency injection system, concurrent execution of dependencies and much more customizable processing of request parameters and bodies.

Introduction to GeoSpatial Data with Python
(30 Minutes)
By: Craig Barnes
Experience Level: Novice

Introduction to processing and serving Geospatial Data using Python. The talk will introduce relevant background information, common data formats, and how to create, modify and serve geospatial data. 

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Thu, Mar 10 2022 at 06:00 PM at SpotHero

Everyday Design Patterns: Observer Pattern
(25 Minutes)
By: Aly Sivji
Experience Level: Intermediate

The Observer Pattern enables us to design event-driven systems using loosely coupled components. In this talk, we will learn how, when, and why to use this pattern; we will explore how popular PyPI packages use the pattern; and, we will design a decorator-based Observer to process GitHub events.

Every Way SpotHero Uses Python
(30 Minutes)
By: James Lamb
Experience Level: Novice

We love Python at SpotHero. In this talk, attendees will learn all the ways that SpotHero uses Python. Libraries, web services, machine learning, data processing, and more! After an overview of these use cases, the talk concludes with a set of practical suggestions for effective use of Python in different settings.

The primary goal of the talk is to expand attendees' imaginations around the wide range of use cases that Python can be a good fit for in a consumer-facing company.

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Thu, Feb 10 2022 at 06:00 PM at Foxtrot

Nerf Blaster Turret powered by Python
(30 Minutes)
By: Josh Martin
Experience Level: Intermediate
Slides Link

In this talk, Josh will introduce you into how to choose electrical components for your next project. How to program embedded devices in Python like Raspberry PIs. How to do facial recognition with openCV.  Most importantly, why you should watch squid games, the joys of making memes and a full automatic nerf blaster.

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Thu, Jan 13 2022 at 06:00 PM at Remote Meeting

mTLS with Python
(15 Minutes)
By: Joe Jasinski
Experience Level: Intermediate

While TLS is foundational to our security and privacy on the internet, Mutual TLS (mTLS) takes TLS to a new level by allowing both client and server to authenticate each other. This talk will provide a brief overview of TLS, describe how mTLS builds upon TLS, will show a practical Python example of how mTLS works, and discuss how service meshes and other technologies use mTLS to secure communication between services.

SSH Can Do That? All the Things You Didn't Know About SSH
(30 Minutes)
By: Mason Egger
Experience Level: Novice

Need to access resources on a closed network? Create a secure tunnel to an insecure site? SSH has you covered. Many of us use SSH every day and only scratch the surface. In this talk, we'll dive into little-known features of SSH such as user and host configurations, security measures, tunnels, and more. Attendees will learn how to configure SSH to meet their needs, how to utilize SSH to access and protect resources, and realize their everyday tools, like SSH, have much more functionality that is perceived.

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