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Thu, Nov 14 2019 at 06:00 PM at Nielsen

By: Ray Buhr
Experience Level: Novice

I made a package, pyplot-themes, that helps make it easier to: 1. have decent looking matplotlib/pandas plots 2. have some decent color palettes 3. create your plot themes

Python at Nielsen
By: Jordan Bettis, Meygha Bhat, Vamsi Guntamukkala

We will talk to you about Nielsen's Connect Platform, our global, unified, open data ecosystem powered by Microsoft Azure and how we're building platform components using Python. Specifically, we'll deep dive into object-oriented data flows. As more and more data scientists write software beyond statistical models, object thinking from the field of programming can help them write test-able, maintainable and reusable components.

Demystifying Machine Learning
By: Nikola Novakovic
Experience Level: Intermediate

Machine Learning is something you'll see referenced very frequently now in everything from marketing materials to sales pitches, and job postings. With so much hype it can be hard to distinguish what people mean when they say Machine Learning. In this talk we will demystify Machine Learning by understanding its core concepts and applying that knowledge to real world examples. We'll explain basic concepts like linear algebra and loss functions, figure out when to use machine learning and build an ML model that we'll be able to use in real world apps. Here’s an in-depth list of what we'll cover: * What Machine Learning is and where it’s being used * How to recognize when machine learning is necessary * Math 101 * Linear Regression * Live Coding Session Salary Estimator * Q & A

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Thu, Oct 10 2019 at 06:00 PM at Chicago Trading Company

What's new in Python 3.8? Assignment Expressions & More
By: Adam Forsyth
Experience Level: Novice

Come learn about the new features in Python 3.8!

Celebration of the life of Tanya Schlusser
By: ChiPy Community
Experience Level: Novice

A chance for our community to remember and celebrate the life of Tanya Schlusser. Tanya has a long history at ChiPy and beyond. She was a mentor, a speaker, a writer, an education advocate, a loving daughter, and much much more. Members of the community will be invited to share their memories of Tanya.

Application Security for Python Programmers
By: James Jeffryes
Experience Level: Intermediate

Python is a growing choice for business applications processing sensitive user data and performing mission-critical tasks. That makes it vital for programmers to be aware of common security vulnerabilities that can undermine the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accessibility of these Python applications. Fortunately, many of these risks can be managed with patterns for safe handling of user input as well as tools for dependency monitoring and static code analysis.

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Thu, Sep 12 2019 at 06:00 PM at Active Campaign

XOR many ways: an whirwind tour of python deep learning libraries
By: Rick Galbo
Experience Level: Novice

We will be preparing the famous XOR example or one of the staples of non-linearly separable feature spaces. We will use the classic techniques like tensorflow and keras. We will also check out some of the newer examples like caffe, mxnet, pytorch, deeplearning4j, and many others. Aprons will be provided. No prior experience cooking necessary.

How to help out with python.
By: Joshua Herman
Experience Level: Novice

Here we will go through my own personal saga of adding documentation to the Python Man pages.

Follow your Python Path: Learning the Right Way (for you)
By: Raymond Berg
Experience Level: Novice

We are all on a Python learning path somewhere. For some, finding the right path to set out on is hard; others have been on the trail so long we forget to look around at our surroundings. In all cases, we should be mindful about how and what we learn In this talk we'll cover tips and tools for each stage in your development as a Python programmer including some live examples. How to set goals, how to find mentorship experiences, how to grow technically and how to grow interpersonally. Something for everyone!

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Thu, Aug 08 2019 at 06:00 PM at Active Campaign

The Philosopher's Groan: How I Finally Fell In Love With SQLAlchemy
By: Ainsley McGrath
Experience Level: Intermediate

I first encountered SQLAlchemy several years ago. I didn't get it. It seemed every line I attempted to write would drop me into 50 tabs of labarynthine documentation. Why do we have the ORM *and* Core? Should I build my tables as `Table` instances or should I be extending `Base`? How is `Base` more declarative than a function that returns `Table`s?? Can I please just write SQL??? :sob: I'm still hesitant to peek too far behind the curtain, but I do think I've finally wrapped my head around the philosophical underpinnings of the library and the different problems SQLAlchemy allows us to solve. After all, who among us works with databases that aren't problems in and of themselves?

Scaling out Airflow
By: Katie Simmons
Experience Level: Intermediate

Katie Simmons, a data engineer at ActiveCampaign, will speak about the challenges and benefits of using Airflow for ETL at a rapidly growing company. ActiveCampaign has many thousands of databases - some including tables with up to a trillion rows - several APIs and new source requests coming in every week. This lightning talk will be an overview of using Airflow to extract, load and transform that data into our data lake so that it can be used for Business Intelligence and Data Science.

Throw away your shell scripts
By: Nick Timkovich
Experience Level: Intermediate

One of the most common languages used by Python developers is some shell script (sh, bash, cmd.exe, or PowerShell), but why torture yourself with poor design decisions from the 70s when you know Python?

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Thu, Jul 11 2019 at 06:00 PM at Strata Decision

Python @ Strata
By: Steven Lefar
Experience Level: Novice

An overview of Strata Data Science and python use cases inside the company.
Lowering the Stakes of Failure with Pre-mortems and Post-mortems
By: Elizabeth Sander
Experience Level: Novice

Failure can be scary. There are real costs to a company and its users when software crashes, models are inaccurate, or when systems go down. The emotional stakes feel high-- no one wants to be responsible for a failure. We can lower the stakes by creating spaces to learn from failures, and minimize their impact. This talk introduces two ways to address failure: blameless post-mortems, to learn from an incident; and pre-mortems, to identify modes of failure upfront.
Limit the Guesswork in Fantasy Baseball by Using Python for Data Analysis
By: Nicholas Marey
Experience Level: Intermediate

Daily fantasy sports has become a booming industry. One leader in the space is Fanduel who after raising $275 million in their series E funding, brought their valuation to over $1 billion. As the popularity of daily fantasy sports has taken off, critics have argued that success is the result of luck; yet the consistent success of a select group of players would suggest that success can be driven by skill. This talk, will go over how one could use Python to level the playing field.
Web Scraping for Fun and Profit (Profit not Included)
By: Matt Inwood
Experience Level: Intermediate

Not all data is easily accessible. Taking info from a website that requires authentication, interaction, or even just to load a fancy script. This talk will discuss using Selenium to level up your web scraping skills, with examples and suggested practices.
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