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Thu, Mar 14 2019 at 06:00 PM at Price Waterhouse Coopers

Python @ PricewaterhouseCoopers
By: PwC AI Team

Kay and Kevin from PwC will discuss how they use AI and Python in their every day work to help PwC internally and our external clients to solve their toughest problems with unique solutions.
Python @ Ascent
By: Spencer Allee
Experience Level: Intermediate

Ascent uses Python for most of its data science, data engineering, and machine learning / NLP - I'll give an overview of some of our key apps and use cases.
Python at Nielsen
By: Jordan Bettis

Jordan will discuss how Nielsen uses Python to connect and process massive amounts of data in a next generation environment.
Python Powered Business - Quicket Solutions
By: Bryan Chance
Experience Level: Novice

Python powered platform at Quicket Solutions.
Python at ActiveCampaign
By: Ben Levin
Experience Level: Novice

ActiveCampaign is using Python to transition from a PHP monolith to scalable microservices that can keep pace with the demands of our rapidly-growing customer base, as well as to train and deploy customer-facing ML models.
Python at Imaginary Landscape
By: Noel Taylor

Noel from Imaginary Landscape will discuss, and demonstrate, 'Iscape Search', a homegrown web scraper and search engine designed to replace the discontinued Google Site Search
Python at Blick Art Materials
By: Naomi Ceder
Experience Level: Novice

Blick uses a wide range of technologies across over 70 stores nationwide and on 2 e-commerce sties, and Python (and Flask & Django) powers the systems we use to price our almost 90,000 items competitively.
Doctors, Devices, Drugs, and Django - Python at a Healthcare Startup
By: Scott Sexton
Experience Level: Novice

At Lumere, we make software to help hospitals get the clinical data they need to make decisions leading to better outcomes and lower costs. We use python to power our web application, data science tools, and research platform. Why did we decide on python, and how has it enabled us to grow?
Omega Grid's Python Blockchain
By: Killian Tobin
Experience Level: Intermediate

Omega Grid created a python blockchain to help utilities manage all the new solar panels, electric vehicles, and batteries on the grid. We are also running a python backend for our public facing rewards platform. We launched the rewards platform on Jan 1 in Burlington, VT as part of a peak shaving program.
By: Jason Abate
Experience Level: Intermediate

Python has been one of the fundamental technologies for Panopta's global monitoring infrastructure. I'll cover some of the more interesting ways we've used Python over the years, and our plans going forward.
Python at Impossible Objects
By: Len Wanger
Experience Level: Intermediate

Impossible Objects is an award winning manufacturer of 3D printers for the industrial market. We use Python extensively throughout the organization from MIS systems, data analysis to preparing models and running our printers. This talk is an overview of how Python is used throughout the organization.
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Thu, Feb 21 2019 at 06:00 PM at Braintree

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Thu, Feb 14 2019 at 06:00 PM at Active Campaign

Go (lang) for Python devs at a 10,000 foot view
By: Ray Buhr

What is the Go programming language and why should pythonistas concern themselves with it? In only 5 minutes, I'll try and show how cool Go and the tools that come with it are, and maybe convince you why it might be a better choice for some projects.
By: Hillel Wayne

By: Jack Throne

LaTeX vs. Python
By: Kevin Nasto

This talk will go over the language LaTeX for the shootout. LaTeX is used to generate PDF documents such as books, research papers, math formulas, and more.
By: Nathan Linebarger

The Cell: a Turing complete language
By: Phil Robare
Experience Level: Novice

"DNA is the programming language of the cell" - A computer science look at what this means, how the cell can "compute" and produce "output" that responds to the environment.
such "DSON" is "Awesome" wow
By: Erik Johnson
Experience Level: Novice

This will be a brief and humorous demonstration of DSON, a JSON-like serialization format in which the punctuation used to represent dictionaries and lists is replaced with words from one of 2014's most pervasive memes.
Yes! Another Markup Language
By: Aly Sivji

YAML is a human-readable data serialization language that has taken the world by storm. We will explore features of the YAML syntax that will save keystrokes and clean up messy configuration files.
By: Kevin Nasto

By: Eliah Burns

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Thu, Jan 17 2019 at 06:00 PM at Braintree


This is an open space to collaborate with others, ask questions, or help someone else if there's a question you can answer! No problem is too big or too small. If you're working on a personal project and looking for some Python help, or you want to join forces with someone who's working on an interesting idea, this option is for you.

Challenges are fun, hands-on coding exercises covering a variety of topics -- such as pure problem solving, web development, and data science (see past challenges: Participants will be assigned to teams of four, which will then have an hour to solve the problem at hand together. Teams are designed to have diverse experience levels, giving team members equal opportunity to learn and share ideas.
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Thu, Jan 10 2019 at 06:00 PM at TEKsystems

Advent of Code
By: Sree P
Experience Level: Novice

Breif overview of “Advent Of Code” and walkthrough of one of the challenges
Three Python Nuances I Wish I'd Known Earlier
By: Jess Unrein
Experience Level: Novice

I'll briefly go over three Python gotchas that have given me headaches in the past that I wish I had known about earlier. We'll talk about how lists store references to objects, why default mutable arguments are unexpectedly tricky, and the difference "is" and "==" comparators.
Staying alive with systemd
By: Siva Manivannan
Experience Level: Intermediate

Keep your Python applications alive and kicking with systemd.
What's the deal with Florida's news?
By: Jordan Nelson
Experience Level: Novice

When thinking about Florida News many have heard of the ubiquitous Florida man. This talk will look at news from around the country and attempt to quantify if Florida man truly exists. I used Python to build functions that scrape satirical, national, and local news sites and built a basic model to compare news across various states. Python libraries highlighted in this talk include: requests, Beautiful Soup, and sklearn.
Busy-Beaver: Increasing Community Engagement with Python
By: Aly Sivji, Chris Luedtke
Experience Level: Novice
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With over four thousand members, the Chicago Python Users Group is one of the largest Python communities in the world. Slack has become the primary method of communication amongst members in-between events. We developed an open-source Slack bot, codename: Busy Beaver, to increase member engagement. This talk will introduce Busy Beaver, provide a high-level walkthrough of its architecture and code, and discuss the future roadmap of the project.
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