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Thu, Jul 11 2019 at 06:00 PM at Strata Decision

Python @ Strata
(30 Minutes)
By: Steven Lefar
Experience Level: Novice

An overview of Strata Data Science and python use cases inside the company.
Lowering the Stakes of Failure with Pre-mortems and Post-mortems
(25 Minutes)
By: Elizabeth Sander
Experience Level: Novice

Failure can be scary. There are real costs to a company and its users when software crashes, models are inaccurate, or when systems go down. The emotional stakes feel high-- no one wants to be responsible for a failure. We can lower the stakes by creating spaces to learn from failures, and minimize their impact. This talk introduces two ways to address failure: blameless post-mortems, to learn from an incident; and pre-mortems, to identify modes of failure upfront.
Limit the Guesswork in Fantasy Baseball by Using Python for Data Analysis
(15 Minutes)
By: Nicholas Marey
Experience Level: Intermediate

Daily fantasy sports has become a booming industry. One leader in the space is Fanduel who after raising $275 million in their series E funding, brought their valuation to over $1 billion. As the popularity of daily fantasy sports has taken off, critics have argued that success is the result of luck; yet the consistent success of a select group of players would suggest that success can be driven by skill. This talk, will go over how one could use Python to level the playing field.
Web Scraping for Fun and Profit (Profit not Included)
(20 Minutes)
By: Matt Inwood
Experience Level: Intermediate

Not all data is easily accessible. Taking info from a website that requires authentication, interaction, or even just to load a fancy script. This talk will discuss using Selenium to level up your web scraping skills, with examples and suggested practices.
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Thu, Jun 13 2019 at 06:00 PM at Peak6

Python Software Foundation Annual Impact Report
(10 Minutes)
By: Ewa Jodlowska
Experience Level: Novice

In 2019, the PSF released its first Annual Impact Report. This report details the financial standing of the PSF. Additionally, the report describes how funds we receive support various PSF programs. During this talk we will go through the data and discuss upcoming programs the PSF will be funding.
Shaping Chicago PyLadies: An organizer’s perspective
(10 Minutes)
By: Sand Ip
Experience Level: Novice

From its founding by Lorena Mesa in 2015 until now, the Chicago PyLadies chapter has evolved into a strong presence by the help of many passionate organizers and fellow tech community partners. In this talk, we will take a look at Chicago PyLadies history, partnerships, and how our future is actively being shaped by our global PyLadies.
Come for the language, stay for the community
(20 Minutes)
By: Naomi Ceder
Experience Level: Novice
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In 2014 Brett Cannon summed it up when he said of Python, "I came for the language, but I stayed for the community." These are some reflections on what makes Python communities so special, the challenges they face, and how to take part in them and help them (and ourselves) grow and thrive.
Past, Present, and Future of the Python Software Foundation's Community Infrastructure
(25 Minutes)
By: Ernest W. Durbin III
Experience Level: Novice

In fulfilling the mission of the Python Software Foundation, infrastructure to support the development, use, and promotion of the language has seen steady investment. We'll take a stroll through the services that the PSF currently supports, the history and current state, as well as a brief introduction to future initiatives. No experience or prior knowledge is needed!
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Thu, May 09 2019 at 06:00 PM at Numerator

Chicago-river-checkup: Creating a web app for community-collected water quality data
By: Sarah Buchhorn

Learning the Zen of Python: How learning Flask made me into a better programmer
By: Ola Giwa

Applying Natural Language Processing to the Employee Hiring Process
By: Kamil Mysiak

Introduction to Full Stack Development: Creating a Sports Web App
By: Pedro Lopez IV

Lobules and beyond: a Flask app for community science data processing
By: Victoria Reese

Reddit Word Usage and Using Python in the Real World
By: Fazal Abbas

Melody Maker: simple music making for everyone
By: Ramon Cardenas

Exploring Space with Python: Predicting planets and visualizing the invisible
By: Steven Bruno

Machine Learning Project Flow for Adoption Prediction Rate
By: Richa Vala

Anything Excel can do Python can do better: How learning to turn math in excel into code launched a new product line
By: Doug Dotts

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Thu, Apr 18 2019 at 06:00 PM at Braintree

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Thu, Apr 11 2019 at 06:00 PM at Numerator

Starting Your Data Science Journey
(5 Minutes)
By: Aaron Yang
Experience Level: Novice

There have been great talks in chipy showcasing the amazing new technologies people are using with python, but we often forget where we first started. Some of you all are coming to Chipy for the first time and hoping to take your first steps into the world of tech. This talk will be targeted towards people looking to transition their career or the rest of us looking to find community in the continual gauntlet of developing our skills in the tech industry. I'll be showcasing my process and my thoughts on developing your skills.
Empowering Early-Career Developers
(30 Minutes)
By: Mercedes Bernard
Experience Level: Novice

How can teams invest in and grow their less experienced developers into team-leading senior devs? I believe the first step is empowering them. On my team, we’ve created a process for each team member to lead and own one of our core features. Our early-career developers are learning client management and team leadership skills that they wouldn’t usually get to practice until they stepped into a senior role. In this talk, I’ll share what we’ve learned and a framework for you to create a process tailored to your team so you can provide your early-career developers the opportunities they need to become successful, senior team members.
Plug-n-Stream Player Piano: Signal Processing With Python
(20 Minutes)
By: JP Bader
Experience Level: Intermediate

Digital Signal Processing and Player Piano don't normally come together in the same sentance. Player Pianos that are 100+ years old are awesome artisan artifacts, but they don't play digital formats very well. This talk will show how we take a 100+ year old technology and marry it to the digital age via Python libraries and precision lasers! In this discussion we will cover how we are creating our own "Plug-n-Stream Player Piano". We will take a look at the different digital signal processing Python libraries, their functionality, and requirements for converting audio streams to piano playable audio files.
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