Thu, May 14 2015 at 07:00 PM at The Franklin Center (Compliments of Computer Futures)

Postscript. Yes, it's a programming language
(5 Minutes)
By: Ken Schutte

I'll describe Postscript - a interpreted, stack-based "page description language" used to produce vector graphics and documents.
R and Python for regression
(5 Minutes)
By: Jerry Dumblauskas

Let's compare our favorite language to an 'upstart' highly focused statistical language.
Conway's Game of Life: Programming in a non-language
(5 Minutes)

The Game of Life is Turing Complete. That means it can (theoretically) calculate anything that any computer can calculate. What does this mean in practice and how can you program a calculation when the total syntax is just flipping cells in a 2D bit field?
By: Feihong Hsu

as former C# developer the lessons I learned to become pythonic
By: JC LatinoTV

language comparison in 5 minutes
Go: Concurrency is Built In
(5 Minutes)
By: Chris Foresman

Discussing the pros and cons of Golang from a Python user's perspective, particularly focusing on its built-in support for concurrency and the advantages over asyncio.
By: Garrett Smith

ULS Erlang entry
Is True true? : A mini-venture into Python & Ruby truth testing
(5 Minutes)
By: Lorena Nicole

Review of truth testing in Python and Ruby. If "Explicit is better than Implicit" then why does Python decide that values like empty sequences are "falsey"? How is it that Ruby only defines false and nil as false values, isn't this more explicit? Highlight how languages embed their own philosophies of what is correct and true with surprising overlaps and at times odd contradictions.
QML vs. Python
(5 Minutes)
By: Patrick K. O'Brien

If you think Python is Pythonic, wait until you see QML from the point of view of an experienced Python developer. QML is the Qt Meta Language or Qt Modeling Language.
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Thu, Mar 12 2015 at 07:00 PM at Knowledgehound at El el see at Hubbard St Lofts

A Talk on Giving a Pythonic Talk
(25 Minutes)
By: Xan Vongsathorn, Catherine Vongsathorn

Xan Vongsathorn and Catherine Vongsathorn will be giving a talk about talks. It turns out that many of python's core principles apply very well to presentations -- or for that matter, communication more generally -- which may be why we like python so much. Xan and Catherine want to get people excited not only about giving talks but also about using them to *actually communicate*. You don’t have to be an expert, nor do you need natural talent, to give a good talk; this metatalk will discuss guiding principles that set effective presentations apart and can be applied to any technical talk.
From Code to Coffee Table with Blender
By: Matt Meshulam

I've been developing a Python library for turning 3D models into CNC-machinable parts. I will demonstrate the basics of the library and how I used it to build a wood coffee table.
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Thu, Feb 12 2015 at 07:00 PM at Vokal New Headquarters

REST on Django
(15 Minutes)
By: Adam Bain

A quick overview through the components that make up Django REST Framework with a dive into a sample project. Video Link: <>
Django+Elasticsearch+Haystack to Search PDFs and Such
(15 Minutes)
By: Joe Jasinski

Have you ever wanted to search the contents of uploaded PDFs, Docs, and other document formats on your website? Django Haystack (with the Elasticsearch search backend) is a great way to add search to your site, but it does not support full document indexing out of the box. I'd like to share a solution that I cobbled together to allow this combination of tools the ability to search document contents
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Wed, Jan 21 2015 at 07:00 PM at TEKsystems

Python Mentors Lightning Talk – Chris & Rahul
(7 Minutes)
By: Chris Foresman

Chris and Rahul would be talking about making RESTful API with Python. Chris was an Associate Writer at Ars Technica and is currently a Senior Systems Engineer at Vokal. Rahul is pursuing his MS in Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology. Chris is @foresmac on Twitter and Rahul can be reached at
Example app using Flask and pg8000 (Postgres) on Heroku
(7 Minutes)
By: Tanya Schlusser

We walk through the architecture, development process, and a few gotchas of deploying a web application on Heroku using their free Postgresql instance, and the Python libraries 'flask' and 'pg8000'
Being A Mentee In The ChiPy Mentorship
By: Zachary Kerr

Mentors can be incredibly valuable in helping understand software. I want to share some of the insights I have learned from my mentorship. I believe there are important lessons to be learned from mentors that can make programming a much better experience.
Python Data Science 101 - how mentoring helped me get from raw data to SKLearn by Ben Reid
(7 Minutes)
By: Ben Reid

Ben will be talking about his experience getting started with Python Data Science using pandas and sci-kit learn, with Don's assistance, via the Chipy mentoring pilot program. Don is an Independent Technology Consultant, iPhone Developer and Software Architect and currently consulting with clients using Hadoop. Ben is a Senior Business Development Manager at Orbitz Worldwide and is a self taught programmer. Don is @dondrake on Twitter and Ben can be reached at
ChiPy Mentorship 7-Minute Retrospective
(7 Minutes)
By: Paul Ebreo

Tom Yarrish and Paul Ebreo will talk about their experience of the 12 week mentorship program. They will talk about what went well and what went not-so well. They will share what they learned and give tips and tricks for a successful mentor/mentee relationship. Paul is very passionate about programming, software testing, open hardware and teaching and Tom is a Digital Forensic Analyst and teaches at Loyola University.
MM - Japhy/Sebastian - Mining and charting
(7 Minutes)
By: Japhy Bartlett

We'll go over how to set up a daemon for mining public data using tornado, then loading that data into some web based charts.
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Thu, Jan 08 2015 at 07:00 PM at SPACE by Doejo

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