PyPDFForm - A Python PDF Form Library
By: Jinge Li
Date: Dec. 14, 2023, 6 p.m.

Presenting on an open source project I started and have been working on since three years ago. It is a library named PyPDFForm which has a variety of utilities making processing PDF forms easier with Python. I'll discuss what sparked this idea, give a little coding session to demo some of the library's functionalities, and talk about the future of the library.

Here is a brief layout of what I'm currently planning on for the speak.

* First 15 minutes: Intro. Some background, both personal and about the library. What sparked this idea and just general motivations.

* Next 10 minutes: A coding session which demos some basic but essence functionalities of the library.

* Final 5 minutes: Talk about the future of the library. What are some restrictions it has now. What are some improvements that can be done. And QA.

Some PyPDFForm links: