QMCPy: Accelerating Computational Sciences through an Open-Source (Quasi) Monte Carlo Framework
By: Sou-Cheng Choi
Date: July 6, 2023, 6 p.m.

Over several decades, (Quasi-)Monte Carlo ((Q)MC) methods have become indispensable in computational sciences. However, the field still lacks comprehensive, user-friendly software that fully harnesses the power of (Q)MC algorithms in research, development, and production environments. In response to this gap, we introduce QMCPy, an open-source software framework designed to bring together global (Q)MC researchers and practitioners. Through this presentation, we will unpack the unique features that make QMCPy a critical tool in advancing computational sciences, including its extensibility, robustness, and integration with existing (Q)MC libraries. By illustrating the criteria and practices taken in the development of QMCPy, we aim to not only showcase our work but also to invite you to contribute to and co-create in this open-source software and accelerate scientific discovery through improved (Q)MC algorithms.