On-Call Schedule 

Schedule is monthly ending on the first meeting of the month (the first Monday Night). On-Call Schedule is displayed with Primary On-Call first and Secondary On-Call in parenthesis.

  • March - Zax Rosenberg (Heather White)
  • April - Sophan Mien (Joe Jasinski)
  • May - Chris Luedtke (Kevin Nasto)
  • June - Aaron Elmquist (Zax Rosenberg)
  • July - Heather White (Chris Luedtke)
  • August - Joe Jasinski (Aaron Elmquist)
  • September - Kevin Nasto (Sophan Mien)
  • October - Zax Rosenberg (Chris Luedtke)
  • November - Sophan Mien (Zax Rosenberg)
  • December - Chris Luedtke (Heather White)
  • January - Heather White (Joe Jasinski)
  • February - Chris Luedtke (Aaron Elmquist)

To reach the entire team email

Direct Contact

If you feel more comfortable, you can reach out to any of these folks invidually at their email addresses or in-person:

  • Aaron Elmquist - aaron.elmquist at
  • Chris Luedtke - chrisluedtke at
  • Heather White - white.heather33 at
  • Joe Jasinski - joe.jasinski at
  • Kevin Nasto - kevinnasto at
  • Sophan Mien - sophanmien at
  • Zax Rosenberg - zaxr at

Join Us

We will expand or change our on-call roster from time. If you are interested in joining the On-Call roster please review our incident handling procedure to make sure you could perform this task, then email to say you are interested!