ChiPy __Main__ Meeting

When: Aug. 1, 2013, 7 p.m.

Where: The University of Chicago (Downtown)

303 East Upper Wacker Drive, #2300 Chicago, IL 60601


This event is no longer accepting registrations.

Current Attendance: 93 Pythonistas


  • Lightening talks on Summer Fellows for "Data Science for Social Good"
    Description: 4-6 presentations 5-7 minutes each from the summer fellowship program lead by The University of Chicago on "data science for social good" (ref Come hear from the 40 fellows (mostly grad students and some undergrads in CS and stats) from around the country. Most of the work is done in Python and partnering with non profits and government organizations
  • Cluster Fun
    By: Joseph Curtin
    Length: 30 Minutes
    Description: An overview of deploying to a cloud solution while retaining the ability to deploy to a raspberry pi. Automate the instantiation of your cluster no matter the hardware. Utilizing libcloud, we'll talk to AWS and Rackspace. Utilizing Paramiko we'll talk to a Raspberry-Pi, AWS, and Rackspace. - Source code and slides will be available at the start of the presentation.