When: May 11, 2017, 6 p.m.

Where: Telnyx

311 W Superior St, STE 504 Chicago, IL 60654

This event is no longer accepting registrations.

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  • Python for mathematical visualization: a four-dimensional case study
    (0:30:00 Minutes)
    By: David Dumas
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    This is a talk about creating pictures of a mathematical object---specifically, a 4-dimensional fractal "dust" that has been the subject of mathematical research in hyperbolic geometry since the 1980s. In the end this is accomplished using a little algebra, a little geometry, and a healthy dose of Python. That is, I will present a case study of using Python in several aspects of a mathematical visualization project, from the computation itself, to transforming and converting data, and finally for scripting the process of generating the images. Along the way I'll explain how Python's convenient idioms and containers (e.g. sets and set comprehensions) are a good fit for some of the algebraic and geometric questions that come up, how Scipy and Numpy enable fast numerical calculations, and how Python's strength as a language for scripting and automation allows easy orchestration of rendering of still images and frames of animations. The mathematical visualization project we describe is a collaboration with François Guéritaud (Université de Lille).
  • Letsencrypt with Python Webapps
    (0:20:00 Minutes)
    By: Joe Jasinski
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    In-browser encryption is more important now than ever. When building modern web-apps, encryption is a necessity. This talk will detail how you can secure your Python-based projects with Letsencrypt, a free certificate authority available to anyone. It will cover the Python-based tools available to configure Letsencrypt and an example project utilizing it.
  • Build a Game: HTML5 sockets + Phaser + flask
    (0:25:00 Minutes)
    By: Brian Ray
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    Brian will show how to use flask and Python to power a browser based HTML5 game over sockets. Events can be pushed to the browser or pushed to flask from the browser. Great starter for those who are interested in event driven programming.