When: Feb. 11, 2016, 7 p.m.

Where: "1871"

222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #1212, Chicago, IL 60654

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  • Python-Powered Data Science at Civis
    (0:07:00 Minutes)
    By: Stephen Hoover
    Civis Analytics uses Python to develop the machine learning software which powers our products, and we run our Python software in production. I'll give a (very) brief overview of what Civis Analytics does and where Python and the open source community fit into the picture.
  • Python at Datascope Analytics
    (0:07:00 Minutes)
    By: Brian Lange
    How Datascope Analytics uses Python to improve business and society through science and design.
  • Python at Deloitte
    (0:07:00 Minutes)
    By: Brian Ray
    How Deloitte uses Python within the Enterprise Science Team.
  • Python at Vokal
    (0:07:00 Minutes)
    By: Chris Foresman , Adam Bain
    How Vokal uses Python with Adam Bain and Chris Foresman
  • Python at Modest
    (0:07:00 Minutes)
    By: Emily Anderson , Mark Ashton
    We will describe how Modest, recently acquired by Braintree (PayPal) uses Python.
  • Python at ShiftGig
    (0:07:00 Minutes)
    By: Brian Eagan , Tyler Hendrickson
    How ShiftGig, which connects the right people with the right job, uses Python.
  • Python at Cofactor
    (0:07:00 Minutes)
    By: Hector Rios
    We are going to talk about our history -- a high level why we switched from .net to python. Topics include .NET pain points and the reason why we chose Python. We looked at Ruby, and chose against Ruby. We will also talk about how we use Python, which include Bottle + MongoDB to build our APIs.
  • Python at OptionsAway
    (0:07:00 Minutes)
    By: Tim Saylor
    How OptionsAway, an airfare lock startup, uses Python.
  • Python at Credit Suisse
    (0:07:00 Minutes)
    By: David Matsumura
    How Credit Suisse uses Python.
  • How SpotHero uses Python
    (0:07:00 Minutes)
    By: Cezar Jenkins
    SpotHero is one of the leading online parking reservation companies in the country. Come see how were using Python to make that happen.