When: May 8, 2014, 7 p.m.

Where: Paola’s Vinum

328 S Jefferson St Ste 120 Chicago, IL 60661

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  • DJ'ing our site - How & why we replatformed to Django
    (0:15:00 Minutes)
    By: Jake Kreider
    We'd like to discuss Zoro’s adoption of Django for our main website — What the key motivators were, the result, and lessons learned from the experience.
  • An IRC Connection: Implementation and Bot
    (0:30:00 Minutes)
    By: Aaron Brady
    IRC is a protocol for text exchanges with multiple recipients with publish/subscribe capabilities. A basic program that interacts with an IRC server is easy to make, but becomes more difficult with additional functionality. The task involves a few domains: sockets, parsing, and a multi-way mapping object for the state. We take a look at 4 custom modules to get it done: Multi-connection dispatch, Raw to dict, Connection model, and Relation; plus one for "main" for the bot itself.
  • PyCon Lightning Talks
    (0:25:00 Minutes)
    By: Jason Wirth
    Let's go over what people saw at PyCon