ChiPy __Main__ Meeting

When: Jan. 9, 2014, 7 p.m.

Where: Dev Bootcamp

351 West Hubbard St. Suite #701 Chicago IL 60654


This event is no longer accepting registrations.

Current Attendance: 80 Pythonistas


  • Lexical Graphs with Natural Language Processing using NLTK
    By: Brian Ray
    Length: 45 Minutes
    Description: Brian will talk about his experiences using Python and NLTK to run language comparisons to generate lexical difference graphs like the one mentioned in the "Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe" article. The focus will be on the NLTK and how its internals work to process a language. This talk will be his best one ever.
  • Garbage Collection w/ Ref. Cycles
    By: Aaron Brady
    Length: 30 Minutes
    Description: Reference counting is very useful but it has an odd problem. We employ a technique from graphs to approach it. The solution works but it's a bit slow.
  • There were 986 roadway fatalities in Illinois in 2013. Where's the data?
    By: Nick Bennett
    Length: 20 Minutes
    Description: Seen on garish LED roadway signs all around Chicago on New Year's Eve, 2013: 986 TRAFFIC DEATHS IN 2013. It leads to many questions: On what roads? When did the accidents happen? What do we do now? I'm scared to drive. I will talk about purging my fears by finding the data to answer some of those questions. This talk will involve PythonAnywhere, IPython, a module that's not even on PyPi (dbfpy), searching for and finding open government data, CartoDB, Google Fusion Tables, csv, and maybe Pandas. Rest assured, there will be no graphic photos.