ChiPy __Main__ Meeting

When: Dec. 12, 2013, 7 p.m.

Where: Braintree(old)

111 North Canal Street #455 Chicago, IL 60606


This event is no longer accepting registrations.

Current Attendance: 59 Pythonistas


  • The Chicago Process: How Braintree Develops Software
    By: Adam Forsyth
    Length: 15 Minutes
    Description: Braintree needs to be highly available and secure, while still maintaining a rapid development pace and strict backwards compatibility. In order to achieve that, we use what has become known as the "Chicago Process". This involves pairing, strict TDD, a team structure, and weekly iterations, all to empower the devs to make decisions and get work of a high quality done while avoiding siloing.
  • A Visual Guide To Pandas
    By: Jason Wirth
    Length: 20 Minutes
    Description: Pandas is the data-munging Swiss Army knife of the Python world. Often you know how your data should look but it's not so obvious how to get there, so I'll present a visual approach to learning the library and data manipulation.
  • Storm (with python (and a side of clojure))
    By: Philip Doctor
    Length: 15 Minutes
    Description: A walking tour of Storm, what it is, what you can do, and how you can use it with python.