ChiPy __Main__ Meeting

When: Nov. 14, 2013, 7 p.m.

Where: Spartz

358 W Ontario Suite 2E Chicago, IL 60654


This event is no longer accepting registrations.

Current Attendance: 112 Pythonistas


  • Measure It
    By: Peter Fein
    Length: 60 Minutes
    Description: measure_it provides timing and counting for iterators (and other code segments).
  • CivicLab and Between the Bars
    By: Benjamin Sugar
    Length: 15 Minutes
    Description: In this talk, I will present on a slice of the maker movement called "civic making" and a new space that has opened up in Chicago to encourage this type creation, CivicLab. As an example of "civic making" I will discuss Between the Bars, a paper based blogging platform for those who are incarcerated, built in Django. I will also discuss our choice in framework and the pros/cons of our approach.
  • Monoids in Python
    By: Philip Doctor
    Length: 20 Minutes
    Description: Monoids are largely badly explained, but actually quite beautiful. I would like to take a brief tour of what a monoid is and how they can help out with mundane every day tasks in python.
  • What happened at #aaronswhack?
    By: Sheila Miguez
    Length: 2 Minutes
    Description: Many python programmers showed up to participate in the Chicago #aaronswhack. Here's a list of what they worked on, and here are pointers to local projects as well as worldwide projects.
  • Python heart Open Source Hardware
    By: Paul Ebreo
    Length: 5 Minutes
    Description: Open Source Hardware is going to change the world. But the hardware is still going to need software to control it. Can Python take the lead and become the de facto language of open source hardware control? Paul Ebreo talks about the three keys to Python's success in open hardware.
  • PyData Recap Lightning Talk
    By: Jason Wirth
    Length: 5 Minutes
    Description: Recap of last weeks PyData conference in NYC.