In the Loop

When: Jan. 10, 2019, 6 p.m.

Where: TEKsystems

111 North Canal #105 Chicago, IL 60606 16th Floor

This event is no longer accepting registrations.

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  • Advent of Code
    By: Sree P
    Experience Level: Novice
    Length: 5 Minutes
    Description: Breif overview of “Advent Of Code” and walkthrough of one of the challenges
  • Three Python Nuances I Wish I'd Known Earlier
    By: Jess Unrein
    Experience Level: Novice
    Length: 10 Minutes
    Description: I'll briefly go over three Python gotchas that have given me headaches in the past that I wish I had known about earlier. We'll talk about how lists store references to objects, why default mutable arguments are unexpectedly tricky, and the difference "is" and "==" comparators.
  • Staying alive with systemd
    By: Siva Manivannan
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    Length: 30 Minutes
    Description: Keep your Python applications alive and kicking with systemd.
  • What's the deal with Florida's news?
    By: Jordan Nelson
    Experience Level: Novice
    Length: 5 Minutes
    Description: When thinking about Florida News many have heard of the ubiquitous Florida man. This talk will look at news from around the country and attempt to quantify if Florida man truly exists. I used Python to build functions that scrape satirical, national, and local news sites and built a basic model to compare news across various states. Python libraries highlighted in this talk include: requests, Beautiful Soup, and sklearn.
  • Busy-Beaver: Increasing Community Engagement with Python
    By: Aly Sivji , Chris Luedtke
    Experience Level: Novice
    Length: 15 Minutes
    Description: With over four thousand members, the Chicago Python Users Group is one of the largest Python communities in the world. Slack has become the primary method of communication amongst members in-between events. We developed an open-source Slack bot, codename: Busy Beaver, to increase member engagement. This talk will introduce Busy Beaver, provide a high-level walkthrough of its architecture and code, and discuss the future roadmap of the project.