Current ChiPy Organizers


Board Members Overview

Alumni Board Members:







    Adam Bain: Chair

Member since: 2011

Description:  Checking income (donations) and expenses (food and drinks), Growing the Web Special Interest Group

Contact info:

    Anjali Deolapure: Community Outreach/Communication 

Title: Director of Community Outreach/Communication

Member since: 2016

Description: [a py-ku]

Expand ChiPy reach

Help embrace the sweet PyLife

Build wider bridges

Contact info:



    Cezar Jenkins: Mailing list / Website

Title:  Web/Mailing list master

Member since: 2006


Maintaining and

 improving the
                 Guarding the mailing list with my life.

                     drinking free beer at Chipy events.

Contact info:



    Joe Jasinski: Talk Coordinator

Title:  Director of Speakers

Member since: 2009

Description:  Assists in organizing regular ChiPy meetings and finds speakers for each monthly event.  Is an experienced Django web developer and manager who is looking for ways to expand the web development community in ChiPy.

Contact info:

    Patrick Boland: Director of Archives

         Member since:  2015

         Description:  Enrich the accessibility of recent and legacy content shared by speakers, members, and the community.

         Contact info:


    Ray Berg: Director of Mentorship Program

Member since: 2014 

Description: Coordinates, Plans and Executes the ChiPy Mentorship Program to the best of his abilities. Come check us out!

Twitter: raymondberg 


    Tathagata Dasgupta: Director of Python Project Nights / Workshops


Member since: 2012

Description: Help developers find awesome mentors. Become a better Pythonista in 3 months!

 Twitter: Tathagata



Meeting Notes


Rules to become organizer:

Any two of the following:
  • You're an active Python developer with at least one public available example of work
  • You have attended at least 6 ChiPy meetings in the last 12 months.
  • You were responsible for securing a sponsor for location, refreshments, A/V services or any other significant grant in the last 12 months
  • You were responsible for matching an existing ChiPy member with a job or contract for which ChiPy has received a referral fee in the last 12 months 
  • You have made 6 or more significant improvements to any chicago python managed codebase in the last 12 months. 
  • You live in the greater Chicago land area and plan on staying here for the next 12 months
  • You plan on attending the meeting every week, missing no more than 1 a month.
Quorum Rule: 50% or greater of names on calendar must be on call.  It's ok to review those names when there is less then 50% before counting.