Board Members

  • Aaron Elmquist - Secretary
  • Chris Luedtke
  • Heather White
  • Joe Jasinski - Treasurer
  • Kevin Nasto
  • Sophan Mien
  • Zax Rosenberg - Chair


Aaron E. I like cars, coffee, and code. 📬
Adam Forsyth   📬🔗
Aly Sivji   📬🔗
Ben Xia-Reinert Full stack web developer who loves running and cooking while listening to podcasts. 📬🔗
Cemile B. Python hobbyist and UX/UI Web Designer who loves video games, crafting, and Japan. 📬🔗
Chris Luedtke   📬🔗
Doug Dotts Consultant turned Data Analyst turned Product Manager. 📬🔗
Emily Xia-Reinert Web developer, ChiPy mentee, ex-finance person. Talk to me about books! 📬
Heather White Python developer interested in databases, brewing beer, and interactive art 📬🔗
James Jeffryes Uses Python to help (real) engineers talk to industrial hardware 📬🔗
Kevin Nasto Kevin likes running in the winter, watching kung fu, and soylent 📬🔗
Patrick Boland Pusher of strollers, walker of Chicago, slinger of tasty home cooking. 📬
Phil Robare   📬🔗
Ray Berg Wonky governance person who loves mentorship and using Python for the betterment of humankind. 📬🔗
Ross Heflin Programmer, Cyclist, Lover of Ferrets, and Geek 📬🔗
Sand Ip   🔗
Sophan Mien Python web developer with a love of movies, art, and writing. 📬🔗
Zach Lipp Middling trivia team member and overactive tweeter 📬🔗
Zax Rosenberg    


For information on who qualifies for organizer status or how our Board functions, see our Bylaws: