Production-ready Machine Learning By: Zax Rosenberg
Date: Aug. 12, 2021, 6 p.m.

Building machine learning (ML) models is faster and easier now than ever before. The proliferation of open-source libraries means data scientists can leverage cutting-edge pre-trained models in just a few lines of code. Yet it remains true that most ML models never make it to production. Why? Because making it to production (and staying in production) are about more than just model and code quality. In particular, this talk will discuss how MLOps can greatly accelerate and increase the chances of model success.

Specifically, the talk will walk through the full ML lifecycle and answer: What is MLOps? Why is it important? How can MLOps infrastructure be set up quickly, easily, and with open source tools? How can the system be designed in a user-friendly way, but without too much magic? How can user adoption be accelerated?

While its expected that data-science-related professionals will garner the most value from this talk, no prior MLOps/ML background is required to understand the contents of the talk.

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