Python Developer at Metopio

Location: Chicago

Job Type: Full-Time


Metopio’s mission is to expand data literacy and equity to encourage fact-based decision-making, especially for our core clientele of people without advanced technical skills. We do this through a suite of data visualization tools that are powered by a fast, accurate, and powerful analytics engine.

We are a rapidly growing startup that makes it ridiculously easy to explore places around the country, discover insights, and plan meaningful actions. Our platform lets users ask a question like “How does Chattanooga, Tennessee stand out in terms of health outcomes?” and get a detailed response with infographics (“It ranks poorly in cardiovascular and respiratory health”). Users can then visualize the data in shareable maps, charts, and scatterplots.

Metopio’s value is its combination of a large curated data library with a data model that guides users through nuanced relationships without overwhelming them. We believe that web platforms can provide analytics comparable to dedicated statistical software while being far easier to use. Our aim is to revolutionize data-driven decision-making by letting anyone feel like a data expert.

Core responsibilities:
We are looking for a Python developer to work on all aspects of our back-end platform. You will be in a high-visibility position integral to Metopio’s success, reporting directly to the CTO. You will be responsible for helping with:

* Maintaining and expanding our internal API
* Improving our data model and scalability
* Building out security infrastructure
* Integrating new analytics models and tools
* Interfacing with front-end engineers to provide views and API endpoints they need
* Participating in discussions about future directions for the platform
* Any other responsibilities that arise as we grow this role with you

As a growing startup, our primary need is for someone who is able to take the lead when building or integrating features, and excited to work on a platform under construction. You also need:

* An excellent command of Python with 2-3 years experience (Required)
* Significant experience working with web frameworks like Django (Required)
* Experience with databases and back-end infrastructure
* Enthusiasm for debugging very strange errors

This is a full-time job (40 hours/week). We provide competitive compensation with equity options, benefits, and very high growth potential. We have an open, transparent culture that esteems diversity of background and mindset, and you will be a core part of the team. You will be working on a codebase that has grown organically over several years, so there will be a lengthy period of hands-on training. This position is located in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

We are cashflow-positive, have significant sales and traction, and are growing rapidly. We are also closing out a $1M seed funding round for additional capital to grow.

Company Website:

Job Posted by: Jonathan Giuffrida

How To Apply:

Please send the following to

* Your CV, including your skills and experience with back-end engineering, especially frameworks like Django
* A short cover letter (an email is fine) explaining your experience