About Chipy

Chicago Python User Group known as ChiPy was founded in 2003. We are one of the world's most active user groups organized around a single programming language. With over 1000 active members and many notable Open Source contributors amongst our group, it's very likely any major tool you have used has been touched by one of our members if not created by a member.


Though our main focus is the Python Programming language, our meetings are open to all of all proficiency and experience levels. 


Our meetings in the Loop of Downtown Chicago are on the second Thursday of every month starting at 7 PM. We are supported by great organizations that help us host meetings in a variety of great locations. 


Stay tuned for a range of special events including our ChiPy North meetings and Python tutorials.


ChiPy has a group of Organizers who meet every week to prepare the monthly meeting and take care of group administration. The weekly meeting minutes are available. They can be reached at chicago-organizers@python.org.


ChiPy's activities are guided by a code of conduct. For any issues regarding behavior at ChiPy events or on the mailing list, please contact the organizers at the address above.


Chicago Python User Group, 1320 W Greenleaf Ave Chicago IL 60626